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Kevin McFarlane, MSN, RN, CEN, TCRN, NE-BC, NPD-BC, FAEN

Kevin McFarlane is a triple threat: he's an experienced emergency nurse, a dedicated nurse educator, and a nurse leader.  He puts all of these skills to use as one of the hosts of the wildly popular "Art of Emergency Nursing" podcast, where he and his colleagues dish out their best advice, insights, and wisdom for the emergency nursing community.

With over 25 years of experience working in various emergency departments, including the tough-as-nails Level I Trauma Centers and Pediatric Emergency Departments, Kevin knows his stuff.  He is an internationally recognized speaker. Rumor has it he even holds national titles in alligator wrestling and sandcastle building, but that might be classified information.

In short, Kevin McFarlane is the real deal when it comes to emergency nursing. He's got the experience, knowledge, and wit to help fellow nurses up their game and provide the best possible care to their patients. And hey, if you need tips on building a mean sandcastle or wrestling a gator, he might just have some insights on that too.

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At present, Kevin works as an Administrator On Duty for a small community hospital in Texas.  He also works part-time as an educator training new grad nurses for a  multi-hospital system in Texas. As an active member of both the national and local Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) and the Association for Nursing Professional Development (ANPD), he is committed to promoting excellence in emergency nursing practice and education.


Kevin also routinely shares his expertise and insights at EMS and nursing conferences both in the United States and internationally. 


Catch Kevin on OPP*
Other Peoples podcast

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Nurses' Roundtable

Episode 5: Reacting to AHA "Do not delay CPR for PPE"

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EP: 16: "Behind the Stethoscope and the Mic with ER Nurse Kevin McFarlane"

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Have Kevin speak at your next event. 

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Kevin offers a unique opportunity for your organization to showcase its members through his live podcast style interview. 
This allows your members to share their expertise and experiences with a wider audience, potentially gaining new insights and perspectives. This can be a valuable tool for promoting your organization's mission and engaging with your audience.

In addition to the live podcast, Kevin also offers a range of motivational and educational keynote topics. These keynote topics cover a variety of themes and can be tailored to your organization's specific needs and interests. Kevin's dynamic speaking style and engaging presentations are sure to leave your audience feeling motivated and inspired.

Breakout Sessions

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With a diverse range of clinical topics tailored for clinicians of all levels, Kevin has got you covered. Get in touch today to receive a list of Kevin's favorite topics 

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Virtual Training

When it comes to virtual education, it's essential to ensure that the experience is not only convenient but also effective. This is why well-designed virtual training can replicate all the benefits of a traditional classroom experience, from interactive discussions and engaging lectures to hands-on practice and real-time feedback.

Whether you're a busy healthcare professional looking to upskill on your own schedule, or a team leader seeking to provide comprehensive training to your staff, virtual education is a valuable tool that can meet your needs. So why not take advantage of this powerful technology and elevate your healthcare practice today?


Previous Conferences

New Mexico State EMS Conference 2004-2009

Northern New Mexico EMS Conference 2007

North Dakota EMS Conference 2008

Partners For Life EMS Conference Ruidoso NM 2008/2009

Oregon EMS for children Conference 2009

North Dakota EMS 2009

Michigan EMS Expo 2009

New Mexico Conference on Aging Medical Keynote speech 8/2009

San Juan Regional Medical Center Trauma and Critical Care Conference 9/2009


EMS Expo Atlanta Georgia 10/2009


Iowa EMS conference 11/2009

Texas EMS Conference 11/2009


Michigan EMS Expo 2010

South Carolina EMS 2010 Emergency Care Symposium

New Mexico Statewide EMS conference

EMS Trendsetters (Wisconsin)

Southern Rio Grande EMS Conference

Texas EMS Conference 11/2009

South Carolina EMS 2010 Emergency Care Symposium

Michigan EMS Expo 2010


Southeastern Seaboard Emergency Nursing Symposium 2012

EMS Region III partners for life Conference 2012

Virginia EMS Conference 2012

Southeastern Seaboard Emergency Nursing Symposium 2013

Southwest Emergency Nursing Conference 2012,2013

EMS Region III partners for life Conference 2013

Iowa EMS Conference 2013Baby Zebras

2014 EMT Today

New Mexico ENA Emergency Nursing Symposium 8/2014

New Mexico Fire and EMS Conference 9/2014

North Dakota EMS 2015


San Antonio ENA Conference 9/2015


Kentucky EMS Conference 9/2015

New Mexico ENA Conference 9/2016

Michigan EMS Expo 5/2017

Emergency Nursing 10/2017

Colorado EMS Conference 11/2017

2018 EMS Today National Conference 2/2018

2109 North Dakota EMS Rendezvous 4/2009

2019 San Antonio Emergency Nursing Conference 5/2019

Houston Cool Topics 8/2019

DGINA 2020 — 15th Annual Conference German Society for Interdisciplinary Emergency and Acute Medicine (DGINA)


2021 ENA Leadership Orientation

EN21 9/2021

Nurses PodCon 11/2021

2022 ENA Leadership Orientation

2023 ENA Leadership Orientation

Reach out and lets talk about what we can do at your next event.  

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